a sight to see

          A Sight To See is a combination of performers that transcends genre into a sublime experience featuring comedians, spoken word artists, youtube sensations, a premium podcast and music icon. Mike Mello and QMEDIAN will deliver laughs before poets KingPen Santiago and Plug further stimulate our minds with vivid and eloquent monologues. For the first time ever the cast of “The Verdict” will assemble on stage and provide a sample of hijinks that can be found weekly on their show. During this segment the host of “The Verdict” podcast (splashjordan) will give away TWO (2) free tickets to DREAMVILLEFEST happening later the same week. The entire event is hosted by Meme & Zeze “The Ayeee Twins” and food is provided by Johnny’s Pizza. DJ IRONMIC will be handling the music and local legend “3AM” will take the stage and finish the show with an amazing performance for sure. 

I am anticipating that hosts MeMe & ZeZe “The Ayeee Twins” will be the highlight of the night 

stand up comedy

Comedian Mike Mello has a long and storied history of captivating crowds through laughter and delivering gut busting punch lines  

QMEDIAN is making a name for himself through viral posting and using his wild and outlandish behavior to his advantage on stage.

spoken word

Plug has an easier time putting together eloquent and lyrical monologues than walking forward or tying her shoes

music performance

3AM is a future legend. nuff said

the verdict podcast

splashjordan is the host & creator of “The Verdict Podcast” he takes his role as serious as a heart attack

miss noinek




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