Wow is all I can say! This episode starts off like any other with News, Contests & notifications.
From there we discuss “Amber Rose Slut Walk 2018” (6:55)
Then we add our special guest “Stuff”, an expert and free thinker (8:22)
Why we calling her “Stuff” tho? Well some things happen and she says everything you really need to know (13:33)
This is where it gets CRAZY not only did “Stuff” get some wild backlash from prior events (21:17), but Noinek comes in and gives her opinion that was very unexpected (23:43)
We talk like adults for awhile and then move on to “rappers who went to jail this week” (31:07)
followed by “2truths1con” (34:00) and then some final words before sending you home (39:05)
This episode was exactly what I wanted coming back from a very empowering weekend. Keep listening to “The Verdict” to combat the boring and mundane!