Month: October 2017

Ep 16 “Real Life Savages ft B-U-D & Savvy Hines”

Networking Life Society Still no iamwes as he finishes up doing whatever he doing across the pond, but I’m joined this week by long time friend of the show Better Understand Dis & Savvy Hines. Two real life savages. Both come from a family of musicians with varying taste. BUD just released his new single and coloring book that he would like to discuss & Savvy just stepped back on the scene with a brand new mixtape. Both have a lot to share and we trade gems in this cant miss episode. Press play and be entertained. Follow BUD...

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Ep 15 “The Interview pt 1 ft Royce (not) Da 59”

Networking Life Society So a brave soul has jumped at the chance to join “The Verdict” what do you think of his appearance sound off in the comments and let us know if he has what it takes to join the elite. Also we speak on the hip hop awards cypher aka Eminem’s Freestyle and I finally get to talk anime while Royce talks about milking cows and shucking corn. oh well click the link and be...

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Ep 14 “Trumpman ft Dr Alex”

Networking Life Society I guarantee you can’t listen to this episode all the way through without exploding into laughter at least 50 million times! Friend of the show Dr Alex pays a visit to explain her vegan lifestyle, her thoughts on Cam Newton’s blunder, and bonds with Wes over what is easily the MOST OVERRATED homecoming spectacle in the south east. Plenty to get into in our latest episode press play &...

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Ep 13 “Don’t Look Down ft Go Millz”

Networking Life Society Fresh from the stage performing at the second annual Beats N Bars festival in Durham, NC. Emerging talent by the name of GoMillz stops by to shoot the breeze. He’s a sports guy so I saved the sports talk for the end of the show lol you’re welcome! Press play to hear where his name came from, his bnb experience, his own podcast resume, and much...

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Ep 12 “No Call No Show”

Networking Life Society This week we fully intended to try out a new voice on the show. She had other plans instead, but Wes & myself handled the last minute change like some pros. In this episode we discuss the girl in Chicago, best no call no show excuses and Wes continues to break hearts. Press play and enjoy our improved sound...

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